Our team is diverse, yet driven by a single focus: the children we serve.


Carol Taylor


Carol is Owner and Clinical Director at PlayMatters (formerly PlayWorks). She founded the clinic in 2001 in Atlanta, GA to consult, support and advocate for children and their families. 

Carol tries to strike the ideal balance between Clinician & Compassion. She believes that thoughtful and truly empathetic care can sometimes get lost in traditional occupational therapy practices. Fiercely optimistic, Carol has a heartfelt passion for both the profession and for children and the families PlayMatters serves. 

"We are a family's biggest cheerleader. We want to instill confidence with parents and teachers and act as a trusted advisor. In the process, we hope to educate families and the school community."

Uncommonly resourceful, Carol continuously finds creative ways to engage children. She is also extremely well connected within the OT community and is known for her ability to make appropriate recommendations to additional resources outside of her practice.

As a pediatric occupational therapist, her areas of expertise include Sensory Integration (SI), visual-motor, ocular motor & visual perceptual development, auditory intervention, as well as being a DIRFloortime Practitioner.

With a degree in Special Education, a Master of Occupational Therapy and experience as a teacher in the public school system, Carol knows the academic environment firsthand. She is an expert in working with teachers and school staff to incorporate sensorimotor activities in the classroom to facilitate learning as well as play development. She continues to consult at many Atlanta area public and private school, child development centers, and preschools and has been featured in the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

She has been a guest lecturer at both local and national conventions and a featured presenter in graduate level courses at several universities.  Outside the clinic and school settings, she enjoys spending time with her family and staying current on the needs and challenges of today's families.

Lisa Lake


Lisa is a pediatric occupational therapist with over 25 years experience. By any definition, Lisa is "the expert."

She has that unique combination of knowledge, expertise and experience - and the immense practical wisdom that combination brings.  Valued by both clients and staff as a "master clinician," everyone learns from Lisa on a regular basis - even our staff.

Growing up loving sports and the great outdoors, Lisa also traveled the world before settling in to study and train in occupational therapy.

Lisa began her career in pediatrics, working with children with learning, psychological and emotional challenges. She then migrated into the world of hospital-based, inpatient and outpatient pediatric occupational therapy - including pediatric rehabilitation, pediatric head injury, PICU, and neonatal intensive care.

Lisa has seamlessly blended her life and professional experiences and understands first-hand the daily stresses that can arise from raising a child with developmental challenges. She goes above and beyond working with both children and their parents and her thoughtful discussions with parents instill supreme confidence in her as a trusted advisor.

Over her 25 year career, Lisa has gained mastery in many areas including Sensory Integration (SI) and Sensory Processing as well as receiving specialized training in auditory interventions and vestibular rehabilitation, to name just a few.  Lisa has integrated all of her experiences and professional techniques into a variety of clinical, home health and school settings over the years and is now in training to be a DIRFloortime Practitioner.

Lisa continues to enjoy every moment she spends with her incredible children and is a truly valued member of the PlayMatters team.

Alice Walls 


Alice is no stranger to children or occupational therapy, having long supported pediatric offices in Atlanta.  "We love Alice" is the consistent refrain we hear from parents.

She works hard to make sure we are all on track and to ensure both continuity and consistency in the clinic.  Alice is the professional face and first impression of the clinic for parents when they arrive.

Being conscientious, trusted and dedicated, she gets the job done with grace in any situation.  If it seems like she never gets ruffled, that's no accident. Alice comes from a military background having served in the United States Marine Corps for six years.

In short, Alice is a treasure; asking about parent's children and even remembering everyone's birthdays.  Outside of the clinic, she enjoys spending time with her grandchildren, relaxing with friends and reading.


Alyssa Pekas


Alyssa is the unsung hero behind the scenes - overseeing the operations of the clinic and taking care of the staff. She keeps us always on our toes, up-and-running and ensuring our "playhouse" is safe, secure and fun.

Alyssa has both a Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education as well as a degree in Psychology. She's worked with students of all ages as a substitute teacher and as a tutor at Knowledge Points.

In addition, Alyssa has also worked as an assistant teacher for students ages 2 1/2 to 6 in the Montessori school system.  Alyssa is currently taking prerequisite courses in hopes of pursuing a degree in Occupational Therapy.