Our team is diverse, yet driven by a single focus: the children we serve.


Carol Taylor


Carol is Owner and Clinical Director at PlayMatters (formerly PlayWorks). She founded the clinic in 2001 in Atlanta, GA to consult, support and advocate for children and their families. 

Carol tries to strike the ideal balance between Clinician & Compassion. She believes that thoughtful and truly empathetic care can sometimes get lost in traditional occupational therapy practices. Fiercely optimistic, Carol has a heartfelt passion for both the profession and for children and the families PlayMatters serves. 

"We are a family's biggest cheerleader. We want to instill confidence with parents and teachers and act as a trusted advisor. In the process, we hope to educate families and the school community."

Uncommonly resourceful, Carol continuously finds creative ways to engage children. She is also extremely well connected within the OT community and is known for her ability to make appropriate recommendations to additional resources outside of her practice.

As a pediatric occupational therapist, her areas of expertise include Sensory Integration (SI), visual-motor, ocular motor & visual perceptual development, auditory intervention, as well as being a DIRFloortime Practitioner.

With a degree in Special Education, a Master of Occupational Therapy and experience as a teacher in the public school system, Carol knows the academic environment firsthand. She is an expert in working with teachers and school staff to incorporate sensorimotor activities in the classroom to facilitate learning as well as play development. She continues to consult at many Atlanta area public and private school, child development centers, and preschools and has been featured in the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

She has been a guest lecturer at both local and national conventions and a featured presenter in graduate level courses at several universities.  Outside the clinic and school settings, she enjoys spending time with her family and staying current on the needs and challenges of today's families.


Amy Mace 


Amy, our Lead Occupational Therapist, comes to us with over 18 years of experience under her belt. Originally from Pennsylvania, by way of South Carolina, Amy has proven to be a perfect fit for our clinic. Due to her easy-going demeanor and quick adaptability, she is able to develop strong, nurturing, and mutually respectful relationships with all her clients.

Amy’s steadfast professionalism is only outmatched by her convivial personality, which is always present and made clear by the laughter that constantly flows from her sessions. She adds creativity and excitement to everything she does, and this makes her a huge hit with her clients and pretty much anyone who crosses her path. Amy has a knack for turning the mundane into the extraordinary, making even the most boring tasks stimulating and fun.

Amy received her Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy from Elizabethtown College in 2000. She also spent two years at the University of Southern California as a working professional while she earned her Certification in Sensory Integration. Amy is trained in several protocols, such as DIR/Floortime, AHA BLS for Healthcare Providers, The Size Matters Handwriting Program, and Sensory Regulation in Children with Autism, ADHD, and Sensory Disorders, just to name a few. She also has experience in Handwriting Without Tears and Astronaut Training. Amy also has an incredibly well-rounded occupational therapy background, having treated adults and children in a multitude of practice settings, including schools, hospitals, and rehabilitation facilities.

Not only is Amy an outstanding therapist, but she is also an experienced public speaker, having been a guest speaker at several conferences in South Carolina and Pennsylvania. Amy’s finely-honed skills and laid-back personality have made her a fan favorite at PlayMatters. Her vast knowledge and experience have made her an invaluable resource to our wonderful families, and to us as well. She has been a wonderful mentor to our interns, and is an inspiration to the whole PlayMatters family.



David Bishop 


David is a Georgia Bulldog and received his Master of Health Science in Occupational Therapy from Augusta University. With a strong passion for working with children and teens, David’s extensive fieldwork and volunteer history include working in several different pediatric settings, including hospitals, clinics, and camps.

His love of travel has taken him to Jamaica and Peru to work with children and adults in an occupational therapy setting abroad. David also has years of experience working as a caregiver and community partner for teens and adults.

Never without a smile on his face, David has been a breath of fresh air and an enthusiastic therapist that his clients adore. His experience working with people of all ages makes him incredibly well-rounded and prepared for anything that comes his way. He carries himself with a quiet confidence; humble, yet knowledgeable.  His genuine personality and good-natured demeanor have made him an instant hit with our clients, as well as an invaluable member of the Play Matters family.

Alice Walls 


Alice is no stranger to children or occupational therapy, having long supported pediatric offices in Atlanta.  "We love Alice" is the consistent refrain we hear from parents.

She works hard to make sure we are all on track and to ensure both continuity and consistency in the clinic.  Alice is the professional face and first impression of the clinic for parents when they arrive.

Being conscientious, trusted and dedicated, she gets the job done with grace in any situation.  If it seems like she never gets ruffled, that's no accident. Alice comes from a military background having served in the United States Marine Corps for six years.

In short, Alice is a treasure; asking about parent's children and even remembering everyone's birthdays.  Outside of the clinic, she enjoys spending time with her grandchildren, relaxing with friends and reading.

mary 2.png

Mary Yao


Even though she is one of the first faces you see when you come into PlayMatters, Mary is the backbone of everything done behind-the-scenes. As Carol’s right-hand, she handles the impossible with grace and gumption. She skillfully manages a precise schedule that allows PlayMatters to operate smoothly.

She is one of the main contact points for all client communications, and also functions as copy editor for all things written at our clinic. Demonstrating an unmatchable work ethic, Mary executes her job with efficiency and dedication.

With a strong passion for helping others, Mary is a former Neuromuscular Therapist, has a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Georgia State University, and she plans to pursue a Master of Occupational Therapy degree in the Fall. Her managerial experience, coupled with her keen mind for strategy, makes her proficient in everything she sets her mind to. Even though she takes her job with all due seriousness, she always has a smile on her face. Children and parents alike are drawn to her affable, yet down-to-earth personality. Mary’s charismatic energy and ability to get things done make her a key member of the PlayMatters family

jessica 2.png

Jessica Olsen


Jessica is the organizing mastermind behind PlayMatters. She radiates positivity and carries an infectious, upbeat attitude. She fuses her creativity and her exceptional organization abilities together to master the art of creating a structured and pleasant ambience, while still keeping things fun and exciting. She also manages to keep PlayMatters in pristine working order with her unwavering drive to maintain an efficient and well put together environment for everyone to enjoy.

 Jessica received her Bachelor of Arts in Dance Education and Performance in 2005 from New Mexico State University. While studying dance, Jessica became increasingly interested in whole body health and later pursued a certification in massage therapy. Currently, she is a licensed and Board Certified Massage Therapist in Georgia. Jessica’s continued interest in health has inspired her to pursue a Master of Occupational Therapy degree, and she is very excited to grow her already extensive wealth of knowledge through school and through being an integral member of the PlayMatters family.